Saturday, 16 April 2016

Newport Beach Strippers

The 2.4 mile swim start at the Beach to Battleship Triathlon began on the far point of Wrightsville Beach. We'd to board a shuttle from the swim/bike transition point by 6:30 at the latest. The swim would begin at exactly 7:30 am. I boarded the bus around 6:00 am after getting my transition area setup with my bike shoes and bike helmet. I had also pumped up my bicycle tires to 120-125 lbs. of pressure. I feel ready to get on the bus after utilising the restroom as well.
We sat out at the purpose of Wrightsville beach for over an hour. The bus ride lasted a cold 20 minutes. I discovered a place sit back on the sidewalk with something behind my back. I tried to remain relaxed and focus on what I had before me. I went to the restroom one more time in this period. At about 7:10 am the sun started to go up and the announcement came to begin to the beach. I donated my flip flops to the local Salvation Army that was present with a donation bucket. I walked on the beach and gathered with the remaining portion of the competitors. The star spangled banner was sung and the first choice of the YMCA of Wilmington led us in prayer. I said good luck to several other folks there and was ready for the countdown.
Among the issues I saw immediately was the buoys were spaced a good distance apart in the channel. I was new to exactly where to go so assumed I would just gather with the crowd and swim along. The countdown began from a moment then 30 seconds. They played Eminem's "Lose Yourself" which I enjoyed and jumped a bit with the sound of the music and was pumped. The starter yelled "go" and off we went.
I felt good in the first 200 yards or so. I felt comfortable and strong throughout the beginning of the swim. My original concern became a reality when I didn't start to see the sighting buoys very well. I had to pull up and look a bit more than I needed to. I felt like I was near the front and just followed the crowd. I felt this specific race was easy to get behind someone and follow on the feet. I also enjoyed the wide swimming channel to get in so I didn't feel crowded or like I was crawling over too many people.
I was concerned prior to the race that I would get bored or have difficulty with the length of the swim. I was amazed that I didn't feel in this manner and felt strong throughout. The big left turn came as a little surprise for me. I believed there would definitely be one more big turn, but it actually went relatively straight in to the dock. The prior day I had walked down seriously to the swim end and noticed it ended right in front of a large white condominium. I surely could sight this condo from the channel and it led me right in.
The only time I must say i felt crowded was in this last portion of the swim when the channel became a little tighter. I was on the feet of some guy who had been pounding the water heavily together with his feet. I was attempting to glide through the water easily. With the heave pounding of the feet I really could not only start to see the bubbles but additionally hear the sound. This made following in easy. The finish of the swim came at a pier where you have to get out with the use of a wooden ladder. I managed to get up the ladder but almost fell backwards in to the water. Luckily I caught myself and surely could carry on. Newport Beach Strippers
I was unsure concerning the wetsuit strippers and their location. This is not detailed in the information from the race. They been right after exiting the ladder area. I sat down on a bench and the woman yanked my wetsuit off. I was appreciative as this saved me a few seconds in transition. We'd an extremely long 400 yard run from the swim exit to the transition area. I knew this would definitely be a good day because I felt I had lots of energy and ran a powerful pace through the entire transition. Used to do explain to you the showers to get rinsed off from the salt. I didn't stay long of this type, but the freshwater felt good and warm. The wind was whipping pretty good round the buildings near the water and it absolutely was a cool temperature outside.
I managed to get the transition area and grabbed my transition bag and headed in to the tent. I'll detail my transitions in the next race report post.
The swim was with the tide and so my time was pretty fast at only over 50 minutes. I came out of the water in about 60th place which was in the most effective 10% of the race. I felt strong with my nutrition and with my overall effort. I certainly would have gone a little faster and pushed a little harder, but overall I was extremely pleased with my swim and swim time.

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